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Look, just because you got some mug who knows how to spell don’t mean you gotta social media strategy. Are you listening? Are you aware that your customers and potential customers are talking about you and your competitors all over social media? We got eyes and ears all over this town, see? You want we should find out who’s snitching about you? It’s gonna cost you. You want us to “take care” of whoever is saying things about you what ain’t so nice? It’s gonna cost you a bit more. Here are a few words from “actual clients” who hired us to handle social media management on their behalf (and only one of them has mysteriously disappeared): “We never heard so many tweets since we hired Cannabis Marketing Mob.” – Rocky Robin “Cannabis Marketing Mob helped us leverage social media to increase our email list over 100% in just 3 months. Wait, didn’t  we start with just one guy on our list?” – Lefty from Long Island “Look boss, I’m sorry we messed up. We worked this guy over because he tweeted that he decided to quit smoking weed. How was we to know he decided to vape instead?” – Thug #7

Killing It With Cannabis Social Media Marketing

  • Gain followers on Instagram & Twitter. Get Likes, Comments & Shares on Facebook
  • Grab new customers and massive brand exposure
  • Creative design and posting to make people talk!

Get your cannabis business to the next level.

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